Let’s look at the main rules of the tournament
Make sure to read the main rules of the tournament as all referee decisions will be made based on this document. You can read the rules in the RULES section.
Following the tournament schedule
You can follow the tournament schedule on
Connecting with opponent and agreeing to hold a match
To find your opponent’s contact detail, go to the tournament bracket on It shows the participants' PSN IDs. You can also go into the tournament chat, where competition participants and judges will be present.
Add your opponent as a friend
Add your opponent as a friend in PlayStation network and wait for the invitation to be confirmed.
Start the tournament match
To do this, start a Friendly Match in PES 2021 and invite your opponent to play. Whoever is on the left side of the pair will play as the home team.
Report match results to the referee
After the series of matches or penalty shootout is finished (depending on the qualifying format) report the score to the tournament judges in the following format:
- Tournament stage
- PSN ID X:X PSN ID (penalty shootout score)
- Screenshot confirming the score
Connect to chat
Any more questions?
Read answers to the most popular questions
When will the bracket be available?
The bracket will appear 5−10 minutes before the announced start time of the tournament.
How do I report the score?
Report the match series (2−0, 2−1) or penalty shootout score (depending on the qualifying format)
Example message:
Tournament stage
- PSN ID X:X PSN ID (penalty shootout score)
- Screenshot confirming the score
How do I find my opponent and start the match?
— Find your pair in the bracket
— Your opponent’s PSN ID will be shown in the bracket
— Add them as a friend in PlayStation Network
— Wait for your invitation to be confirmed
— Start a Friendly Match in PES 2021
— Invite your opponent to play and begin
Why am I in the second round?
Some players have gone straight into the second round due to a lack of opponents in the first round. And, as a result of the draw, some players will be given a freeslot, i.e. a pass to the next stage.
Where do I register to take part in the qualifiers?
Follow this link: Registration
Where can I see the tournament rules?
Follow this link: Rules
How do I go through check-in?
Go to, on the upper right, click on your profile and click "profile". This will show the tournaments that you have registered for. There will be a "Confirm" button on tournaments where Check-in is open.
Tournament referees
Aleksandr Ratushnyak
Main referee
Aleksei Zavodchikov
Tournament referee
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